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Powell Endorses Obama and Other Notes

Speaking on NBC's Meet The Press this morning, Former Secretary of State General Colin Powell publicly endorsed Barack Obama for President. Among his reasons: The Republican Party has drifted too far to the Right, John McCain has exhibited a lack of vision in dealing with the financial crisis, and Caribou Barbie simply isn't ready to be President, should she need to fill that role, while Obama has displayed, "steadiness, intellectual curiosity, a depth of knowledge..." Powell cited Obama's selection of Joe Biden, whom Powell believes is ready to be President, should that become necessary, for Vice President as an example of Obama's thoughtful decision-making abilities. He said that Obama recognizes that all towns have values, not just small towns. It's enough to make one think Powell would make a good President. Watch it, it's priceless (really):

Also, the Obama campaign is reporting (via AP) that they have taken in a whopping $150 million in donations in September. The campaign saw 632,000 new donors in September, for a total of 3.1 million contributors to the campaign. The average donation was $86.

Yesterday, Obama delivered a speech to an estimated 100,000 people in St. Louis, Missouri. A few hours later, Obama spoke to an estimated 75,000 in Kansas City.

Happy Sunday!

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