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Religious Kids Loosening Up (a little)

UPI rounds up a couple of recents polls that suggest that young religious kids are cooler than their parents when it comes to Obama, gay rights, and other issues.

Some encouraging trends:

• "71 percent of young first-time religious voters support Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama, compared with the 53 percent who supported Sen. John Kerry four years ago."

• "Obama is leading decisively among [young Catholics] 55 percent to 40 percent. Catholics overall supported President Bush by 52 percent to 47 percent in 2004."

• "Sixty percent of the 18-to-34-year-old Catholics said abortion should be legal in all or most cases compared with 58 percent of their elders."

• "52 percent of young, white evangelicals favored same-sex marriage or civil unions."

• "Younger white evangelicals gave Mr. Bush only a 39 percent favorable rating compared with 57 percent of those older than 30."

• "Only 46 percent of Republican white evangelical women rated vice-presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin favorably, compared with 65 percent of older evangelical women."

But there's still a ways to go:

• "Seventy percent of young evangelicals identified themselves as Republicans, 11 percent were independent and 19 percent were Democrats."

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