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The Port Huron Statement

My wife is from a cozy little beach community about 45 minutes north of Detroit and I grew up in Grand Rapids on the state's ultra-conservative west side. She and I had separate trips to our home state of Michigan this week and were both surprised by what we saw: Big support for Obama.

The number of yard signs on the way up the west coast was about 2 to 1 for Obama. Having spent so many years in this part of the state I can tell you that south west Michigan is Bush country. The former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, Betsy Devos lives there. Her husband Dick ran for governor of the state in 2006. Eric Prince of Blackwater fame was born there and his family still has a home in Holland. The HQ of the Christian Reform Church is in Western Michigan. Believe me, to see even a handful of signs supporting ANY Democrat for President is a shock, but to see an abundance? Let's just say it made me proud of my home state.

But this is my favorite symbol of Barak Obama's support in Michigan. In downtown Port Huron, a town hit hard by the auto industry's floundering, there is this beautiful piece of art. That the Obama campaign has this kind of presence in a town with a population of about 32,000 people is a testament to just how hard they're gunning for the big win on Tuesday.

Megan Phillips gives her hometown the Thumbs Up!

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I'm hearing the same kinds of things out of Southwest Michigan, in and around Cass County. Traditionally very Republican, but there's a fair amount of support there for Obama. If Obama doesn't win in that region, but does fairly well, that should indicate a bloodbath on 11/4.

I couldn't help but notice the woman wearing a wool jacket and scarf -- in October (hee-hee)! I also cannot be prouder of my home state, North Carolina, which is poised to ditch its red state status for the first time since 1976. Not only by casting its 15 electoral votes for Obama, but also by turning Elizabeth Dole out of the Senate.

Oh yeah, Timmy. It's chilly up here in the midwest. I wore gloves to work today...and a scarf.

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