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Tweet Tweet: 100 Followers Can't Be Wrong

Today we've reached 100 followers on Twitter and just in time to follow our live Tweet of tonight's final debate between John McCain and Barack Obama. Johnny Mac has all but promised to bring up Willie Ayers tonight since Obama called him a sissy for not saying to his face allegations of a tie between the two and Obama seems ready to dig into this a bit. McCain might want to think twice about this gambit as he has far more serious association issues, but we'll see if he has the stones to say to Obama what Sarah palin and surrogates have been saying on the trail.

Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(TM)

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I think Twitter is a fantastic tool for this site. I'm one of those 100, and while I check my RSS feeds usually only once a day, I check Twitter constantly, so I see new posts immediately. I realize this is the whole point and I'm not saying anything new, I just wanted to say that it's working. Excited about tonight, too.

Thanks for following us, Matthew. It's been a wild election season.

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