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War Vets Beaten, Busted at Debates

While McCain and Obama were figuratively beating each other up in the last presidential debate last night, some war veterans protesting outside were literally beaten up and arrested by Hofstra cops. Will the parties denounce this sort of abuse of power and violence aginst our troops?

I am a photojournalist that was covering the debate in Hofstra. It was one of the most dreadful and deplorable experiences I have ever been apart of. The authorities not only harassed and bullied people in the midst of a nonviolent protest, they also injured and arrested our war vets. It was a sad day in America. While we fight to figure out who will be the best leader to get us out of these immense set of problems that our country is forced to grapple with, armed thugs are bludgeoning our war vets for exercising their constitutional right to protest.


Did they stray out of an approved "protest/free-speech zone?"

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