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A Note to One of our Advertisers: Fuck Off

You may have noticed ads to the right from an outfit called "Sodahead" that posit questions for your feedback. Today asks if we're ready to "kiss our paychecks goodbye" now that Barack Obama has been elected President of the united States.

John McCain's tax proposal would have given tax cuts to all Americans, but now we are all going to be subjected to Barack Obama's tax plan. John McCain's tax cuts would have gotten bigger as you moved up the income ladder, giving all Americans an incentive to better themselves. Obama's tax plan, on the hand, gives tax cuts that shrink with increasing income and even goes so far as to increase taxes on the wealthiest families.

This supposes that Obama, with the help of increased Democratic majorities, will either not be able to push his proposed tax cuts for the middle class or that he was lying all along. Even if we take a cynical view of politics today, that makes no sense. Since 95% of this country makes less than the $250,000 cap Obama has proposed for his tax cuts that would mean pissing off the entire country, and if politicians' first job is to get reelected that's not a very smart tactic.

It also suggests that people need more of an incentive to "better themselves" than simply living a better life and creating a better future for their families. They need that 3% additional tax cut for the wealthy that will be repealed under Obama's plan, otherwise what's the point? It's like people who only play the lottery if it hits $100 million. Anything less is a waste of time and effort.

So, as one of the 95% in this country I can tell Sodahead that I am ready to kiss trickledown economic schemes goodbye and to provide tax relief for the millions of consumers who keep this goods and services economy afloat.

We'll still cash your checks though.

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