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And So it Begins – The Right Already Blames Obama for America's Downfall

James Rainey, writing for the Los Angeles Times, apparently took a few minutes to listen to CONservative talk radio darling Rush Limbaugh so the rest of us don't have to. "The Obama recession is in full swing, ladies and gentlemen," Limbaugh warned his millions of listeners this past Thursday. "Stocks are dying, which is a precursor of things to come. This is an Obama recession. Might turn into a depression." – Yes, Rush, America's current economic woes are Obama's fault. Brilliant!

But, wait! There's more. Rainey reported that Rush warned his listeners, "They're going to take your 401(k), put it in the Social Security trust fund, whatever the hell that is." Whatever the hell indeed, Rush, especially since neither Obama nor the Democrats have proposed anything of the kind.


Mark Steyn, writing at the National Review, warns that America is about to succumb to, "the sedating coccoon of the nanny state," and usher in, "the death of the American idea." Steyn accused Obama of, "promising to give 'tax cuts' to millions of people who pay no taxes." I'm not sure how one would receive a tax cut if one pays no taxes. If you have nothing, how do you take away from nothing? Perhaps he's using the New Math. Steyn believes that Obama's, "so-called 'tax cut' will absolve 48 per cent of Americans from paying any federal income tax at all, while those that are left will pay more." Again with some odd math. Steyn seemed to be convinced that America is about to bid farewell to, "self-reliance, dynamism, and innovation."

Writing at the conservative Weekly Standard, Irwin M. Stelzer warns of the impending "economic consequences" that might result from an Obama Presidency in a piece ominously entitled, "The Worst Case Scenario."

Stelzer warns that, "Taxes on the richer families will go up to fund checks that will be mailed to the lower earners who now pay no income taxes..." Low earners pay no income taxes? Stelzer also warns that Obama will inherit partial ownership of many banks as the result of recent bailout efforts. "There is little doubt that he will use that control to restrict executive salaries, direct funds to homeowners behind in their mortgage payments, pressure banks to lend to constituencies he and his congressional allies deem worthy..."

Citing what he deems as Obama's probable attitudes toward nuclear power, new oil drilling, and coal-burning power plants, he warns us that, "it will soon be apparent that America will not have sufficient supplies of energy to fuel its economy..." Although he doesn't really explain how, Stelzer predicts that Obama will, in fact, be able to usher in some economic improvement. Stelzer laments, though, that said improvement would be nothing in comparison to the one a President McCain would have delivered. Stelzer foresees the slight Obama-driven economic improvements as effective enough to trigger most Americans to think that in 2012 they will be better off than they were in 2008 – enough so that it will afford Obama his reelection over (you guessed it...) Caribou Barbie (a.k.a. Sarah Palin). And, so, America wouldn't experience any proper growth until we come to our senses and elect a Republican in 2016.

I have an idea. Let's see what changes President Obama brings to America before we write the book on his Presidency. Ridiculous predictions have a way of coming back to haunt their predictors.


Wow, what a patriot Rush Limbaugh is, already spinning the economic crisis toward Obama.

These guys are becoming unhinged, and here's hoping they become moreso, creating public embarrassments for Republicans and principled conservatives.

After all, they made a veritable industry of themselves using Bill Clinton.

Longer quote from LA Times illustrates that the larger media and the public at large MAY not be willing to tolerate the same talk radio horsehsit that nearly sunk Clinton's first term:

In a time when the nation calls out for cool leadership and rational discussion, Limbaugh stirs the caldron, a tendency he proved in a particularly grotesque way last week when he accused Obama’s party of plotting a government takeover of 401(k) retirement plans.

“They’re going to take your 401(k), put it in the Social Security trust fund, whatever the hell that is,” Limbaugh woofed. “Trust fund, my rear end.”

A slight problem with Limbaugh’s report: Obama and the Democrats have proposed no such thing.

The proposal, in fact, emanated from a single economist, one of many experts testifying to a congressional committee.

Limbaugh has always been full of shit and makes his living on innuendo and implications but he's mostly never checked because he's not a journalist, but an entertainer. That he has enormous pull with some people seemed to have not been important when he was accusing the Clinton's of murder and treason...literally.

i make it a point to turn into limbaugh around noon if i'm out running errands for work. a five minute dose usually reveals the arc of his entire show. the rhetoric has been ratcheted up since the election. i look at it as a land grab for listeners. there's a whole slew of disaffected gop-loving listeners searching for what went wrong with their party. rush, for what it is worth, is a mouthpiece of the far right of the party. he's doing his damnedest to stir the rancor to support that agenda.

though the man is absolutely bat-shit looney tunes, there are people that believe in the bilge he spews. i understand tuning in for a little over the top rhetoric for humor sake, but i'll never understand people that follow it that closely.

much can be said the same for dennis miller as of late. though, at least there seems to be a line where he'll just agree to disagree instead of make absolutely outlandish egregious accusations. though, that doesn't stop some of the callers he has phoning in from foaming at the mouth. though, i do have a feeling that miller is treading ever-so-more down the path of hard-boiled blow hard. only time will tell if he tips on over into limbaugh land.

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