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Bush Gets Cold Shoulder at G20 Meeting?

It isn't really clear from the video if President Bush is getting a group snub from the other G20 leaders as they met in Washington, DC this week, but they seem to look past him as he walks down the line staring at the floor as if they are deliberately avoiding one another. Perhaps Bush simply lacks the self-awareness to realize that perhaps in this setting he should at least shake hands with other prominent world leaders (which is likely in any event). CNN's Rick Sanchez opined that this made Bush look like, "the most unpopular kid in high school that nobody liked." Watch it:



Actually, that wasn't a snub at all. Jeannie Moos from CNN corrected Sanchez as Bush had already shaken
their hands previously.
Nothing sad about it, just another anchor talking head with wrong information.


While I would be very suspect of anything "reported" by the ultra-Right-wing Newsbusters, let's assume for the sake of this argument that they have this one right. This then becomes a misstep either by Bush or by his handlers, or both. In a formal/ceremonial environment where cameras were going to be rolling, Bush should have shaken their hands again to avoid exactly this sort of misreporting/misunderstanding, or, if you prefer, to avoid giving fodder to Bush's detractors.

Images travel around the world in a matter of seconds today and, obviously, if all one has to go on is this video clip, then Bush clearly looks like the odd man out. The camreas in the room only show what happens then and there, they don't provide pre-image history to explain why what you see might seem odd. Bush and his people should know this by now.

This should serve as a lesson in image-control (or the lack thereof).

Per the Newsbusters piece, "(on camera): When it comes to diplomatic protocol there is one unshakeable rule, shake hands no matter how much you like or dislike a leader, unless you're outright enemies."

Did you happen to catch the interview with Sarah Palin with the turkeys being slaughtered in the background? In that case, the crew actually asked her if she wanted that activity in the background of the shot and she said she didn't care. While there's certainly nothing wrong with slaughtering turkeys, to have that going on in the background of an interview with a political figure will undoubtedly strike some viewers as an act of thoughtlessness or insensitivity on the part of said political figure. It was a colossal failure of image control that only served to reinforce Palin's image as a backwoods hillbilly. Here's the video:

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