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Caribou Barbie 2012! (?)

It looks as if Caribou Barbie's candidacy for the Republican nomination in 2012 is more than mere conjecture. As CNN recently reported, Caribou Barbie has already begun to openly talk about a 2012 presidential run. CNN reported that when ABC's Elizabeth Vargas asked Caribou Barbie if she would just go back to Alsaska in the event that Obama wins on Tuesday, she said, "Absolutely not! I think that, if I were to give up and wave a white flag of surrender against some of the political shots that we've taken, that ... that would ... bring this whole ... I'm not doin' this for naught," Not surprisingly, the McCain campaign isn't amused that Caribou Barbie is already talking about her own plans with just a few days to go until the election. Here's Wolf Blitzer's report:


Here's another sign that Caribou Barbie and others in the Republican Party who are not enamored with John McCain are thinking ahead. CNN reported today that, "at a boisterous Sarah Palin rally in Polk City, Florida, one name was surprisingly absent from the campaign décor — John McCain's."

Signs distributed to attendees had "Florida is Palin Country" printed on them, but those signs were paid for by a local Republican running for Congress, not the Republican National Committee or the McCain campaign.

It is no secret that Caribou Barbie has energized the Christian fundamentalists and white rural low-information voters who now constitute the base of the Republican Party. Indeed, Caribou Barbie has often attracted more people to rallies featuring appearances by her than John McCain has attracted to rallies featuring himself without Caribou Barbie in tow.

It is also worth noting that at many rallies, Caribou Barbie has decided to ditch her scripted, campaign-approved talking points in favor of telling people what she thinks, even if it is "off message" and not particularly the message the McCain campaign wants to propagate. A number of individuals within the McCain campaign have accused Caribou Barbie of "going rogue" by ignoring campaign advisors, contradicting McCain's positions on issues at rallies and in interviews, and even acting like a diva. Perhaps McCain got more than he bargained for when the original Maverick from Arizona chose another Maverick from Alaska to be his running mate. Maverick is as Maverick does, I guess. We should all be careful what we wish for.

Politico reported recently that according to Greg Mueller, a former aide to Pat Buchanan and Steve Forbes during their presidential campaigns, Caribou Barbie "has absolutely earned a right to run in 2012." Mueller said that Caribou Barbie has instilled hope in conservatives and she has given them, "something to believe in." Like many in the Republican base, Mueller believes that Caribou Barbie represents the interests of the base far better than McCain does and would be a more attractive presidential candidate, particularly on the Right-wing trifecta of God, guns, and abortion issues.

Caribou Barbie has alienated many moderate Republican and Independent voters, hence the steady stream of Republican and conservative endorsements of Obama. So, to that end, assuming an Obama win on Tuesday and a Caribou Barbie candidacy in 2012, one might think that such a match-up would bode well for Obama's re-election, if he chooses to run again and if he proves to be a decent president.

So let's hope that if Obama wins on Tuesday, he continues to win the hearts and minds of American voters and he cruises to victory again in 2012. Let's also hope, perhaps perversely, that the Republican Party in 2012 holds little appeal to anyone other than its base that today so rabidly pines for a President Palin.


I'd bet that if McCain loses and he is convinced that she was a drag on his numbers, he will do his damnedest to make sure that she never gains any traction with anyone in Washington because he will not be unaware of what can be readily perceived as her self-interest getting in the way of the ticket. Then the next time we'll see her is (a) co-hosting the Huckabee show on Fox or (b) as a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars."

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