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Dean: Arizona is Within Reach

Pointing to John McCain's home state as justification for the expensive, and sometimes derided 50-state strategy he implemented four years ago, DNC Chairman Howard Dean says Arizona is within reach.

"The polls showed us down two here in Arizona. That's the kind of margin you can overcome if people will get out and vote," said Dean.

"Our plan four years ago was that the road to the White House leads through the West," Dean said. "We wanted to take Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona and, possibly, Montana. And we have a shot in all those states."

Electoral-vote.com shows a four point spread in AZ, which is still far too close for McCain's comfort and is sure to be a source of embarassment should he lose tonight.



there are two great stories that came out of the numbers. one, of course, is the great electoral count numbers that overwhelmingly swung obama, the other was the tightening in a lot of the red states that help push obama to a his percentage edge in the popular vote. the best for a dem since johnson, and even better than reagan's first election.

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