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Eric Holder's Views

Team Obama is reportedly going to tap Eric Holder for Attorney General so this seems like a good time to look at his position on some of the more prssing matters of the day, especially how they contrast with the Bush administration's positions. ThinkProgress has compiled some interesting quotes:

On Role Of Attorney General: "The attorney general is the one Cabinet member who's different from all the rest. The attorney general serves first the people, but also serves the president. There has to be a closeness at the same time there needs to be distance." [National Journal, 3/3/06]

On Torture: "The notion that the Department of Justice would in essence sanction the use of torture as part of the President's plenary power over military operations is as wrong as it is shortsighted. This position flies in the face of the entire history of American law, helping to create a climate in which unnecessarily abusive conduct can somehow be considered legitimate." [Remarks to ACS Conference, 6/19/04]

"We must declare without qualification that it is the law, policy, and practice of the United States government that we do not torture people and we do not subject people to cruel, inhumane, or degrading treatment." [ACS Conference, 6/14/08]

On Closing Guantanamo: "Guantanamo Bay is an international embarassment. Some of our closest allies see this prison as a symbol of what America has become. We should close Guantanamo Bay, transfer the remaining prisoners to military prisons in the United States." [ACS Conference, 6/14/08]

On Extraordinary Rendition: "We must end all U.S. government practice and programs, covert or otherwise, that transfer individuals involuntarily to other countries that are known to engage in torture." [ACS Conference, 6/14/08]




Tapping Holder for AG? Hell, I'd tap that!

Isn't he Oprah's boyfriend?

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