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Every Picture Tells a Story

Obama and Bush meet at the White House
Image is everything in politics. John F. Kennedy proved that in his 1960 presidential debate against Richard Nixon. To those watching it on TV, versus those who listened on the radio, Kennedy was the clear winner. And why? Because he LOOKED like a winner. There he was all fresh faced and handsome; the image of change and a new era in America next to the sweating and stoic Richard Milhouse Nixon. Dick was a goner.

WATCH: Kennedy v. Nixon Debate

This week, President-elect Barack Obama met with sitting President George W. Bush at the White House and the contrast between the two men couldn't have been more pronounced. Here was Bush, nearly eight years into a hard administration with one eye on the door looking every day of his 62 years escorting his successor, a man who lives and breathes calm confidence. Think I am putting too much into it? Rachel Maddow did five minutes on her program last night on Obama's body language and what a political coup it was when he patted Bush on the shoulder as the entered the White House; as if to say to the world "Don't worry, I'm showing this guy the door." It reminds me of LBJ's old trick of ensuring he was photographed leaning in and pointing while talking to world leaders, so as to project an image of dominance.

LBJ knew hardball politics...and so does Obama.

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