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Lieberman's Fate in Reid's hands

A statement from Senate majority leader Harry Reid's office:

Today Senator Lieberman and I had the first of what I expect to be several conversations. No decisions have been made. While I understand that Senator Lieberman has voted with Democrats a majority of the time, his comments and actions have raised serious concerns among many in our caucus. I expect there to be additional discussions in the days to come, and Senator Lieberman and I will speak to our caucus in two weeks to discuss further steps.

Let's see...running against your party after you lose the primaries as a Democrat; voting with Bush on key 4th Amendment infringements; deriding your party's leadership as weak-kneed sissies when it comes to national security; endorsing the other party's candidate; speaking at the other party's convention...I think I know where I stand on this.



While I certainly don't think that a member of one of the Parties needs to agree with their Party Line 100% of the time... his actions certainly seem as though he isn't part of the current Democratic vision AT ALL.

Though, it's yet to be seen if that's more a commentary on him or the Dems.

His many new Republican/Bush stances however are all on him.

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