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Live Blogging: Early Returns

CNN calls Virginia Senate for Warner (D).

Indiana is 49-50, McCain with less than 1% reporting. This will be the one to watch in the midwest.

Correction: 2% in and McCain leads in Virginia 55%-44%

6:25pm CST
Indiana: 12% in: 50-48 McCain

CNN calls Kentucky for McCain

Gregory on MSNBC says Obama "leads" at this hour in Ohio. Polls still open so take that for what it's worth.

MSNBC calls Vermont for Obama

MSNBC has Elizabeth Dole leading 51-48%

CNN calls Maine, Illlinois, CT, DE, Wash DC for Obama
TN for McCain

POLJUNK crew assembled.

SC 1% reporting and they have 44-55 Obama but are calling it for McCain. WTF???

15% reporting: 55-45 Obama

CNN reports huge lead for Obama in NC

CNN showing big Obaba blue in Florida's central strip

CNN cuts between Chicago's Grant Park celebration for Obama and McCain's party in AZ and it's like a frat party vs. an old folks home. I HOPE we're not getting ahead of ourselves but McCain has ZERO excitement behind him.

CNN calls a massive lead for Obama...with zero percent reporting

NBC calls PA for Obama. Nobody else has yet.

CNN calls PA for Obama: 65-34

7:47 McCain campaign communications mgr questions PA call.

CNN calls IL senate for Durbin with 67%

CNN says Elizabeth Dole defeated in NC

McConnell holds onto his SeNate seat in KY. Boo! 65% reporting? They sure?

8:25 MSNBC calls Ohio for Obama 56-43.
We can almost close this book, y'all.

I am DYING to sweep the midwest. Indiana still not called.

JR overheard at POLJUNK HQ: This is so much better than 2004...

8:45 pm central
"I can finally relax now. We won. As soon as Phil is back from tucking in his boy, we're popping the cork on the champagne!" -Jake

9:00 CNN calls Iowa for Obama

MSNBC calls New Jersey for Obama

MSNBC calls Texas for McCain

Stevens is losing in Alaska, thank GOD. Franken winning in Minn, woo woo.

CNN is seru=iously showing Will.I.Am as a hologram. WTF???

10:02 CNN, MSNBC, et al. call it for Obama.

Done deal. Welcome to a new America.



Called my republican father(whom I've spent every day of the past few months arguing this election with) on the way home to gloat, he was less then thrilled and said he's watching Sideways instead of the returns. hahaaa Then he congratulated us.

God Bless America. I can now have hope that we can actually hope to move in a positive direction now. That bastard Bush is almost out, let's not let the door smack him in the ass too hard, and don't let him do too much more damage on the way out the door.

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