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McCain Team Launches Palin12 Gear

Palin12 - Conservatism Lives

Want more proof of the GOP's plan for Sarah Palin post-2008? The McCain-Palin website is featuring Palin12 items for sale with the tagline, "Conservatism Lives." The 12 is a refernce to 2012, the year of the next US Presidential election.

It should be noted that the merchandise page contains this copy: "Proceeds from
sales of merchandise do not benefit McCain-Palin 2008 and should not be considered a campaign contribution." It's unclear who proceeds do benefit.

This is in contrast with a number of prominent national conservatives who are reluctant to align themselves with the polarizing Governor from Alaska:

CNN: So let me ask you point blank, governor. Is she the future of the party? MARK SANFORD (SC): I don't think I'd define it that way. [11/13/08]

TIM PAWLENTY (MN): She [Palin] is going to be one of the voices that will help lead the party for months and years to come, clearly. ... I also think it is too early to be talking about 2012. My goodness, we just had an election. People are sick of that. [MSNBC, 11/12/08]

FOX: What do you think her future is?
HALEY BARBOUR (MS): Well, I think the future she's talking about is 2009 and 2010. [11/13/08]

MATT BLUNT (MO): I think Republican governors were surprised when she [Palin] was selected, but at the same time they were impressed. ... There are a lot of great candidates out there for 2012. I don't think the American people want to — want to hear much about that at this point.[Fox News, 11/13/08]

MSNBC: So broad hints there from Palin again today with reporters, certainly with Matt Lauer. Is that the solution?
JON HUNTSMAN (UT): The solutions are going to be many-fold. You can't look to one personality in particular. [11/12/08]

Of course, she does have her supporters...

In response to the allegations that she was ill-prepared for interviews and debate, Randy Scheunemann, an aide assigned to Palin, called her "brilliant" and said she has a "photographic memory."

I think the focus on that camera was a little fuzzy then.



while it did seem like they were pumping up sarah for a bit, looks like she got the smack down during the GOP governors conventions when she failed to even attain leadership within that small group.


also, look like the palin merch is actually from a for profit company, elbusa creations/red elephant. not sure if they hate that information before when you saw it, but it's up there now.

oh well, happy to see her continued slide into irrelevance. can't wait until she's completely gone. though, i'm sure once she realizes that she can't make a go of it politically (the 2012 thing is starting to look more dicey, and hopes from grabbing the seat from stevens is all but gone with the way that run-off vote count is leaning), she'll probably get some sort of talk show or become a bobble head on the 700 club.

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