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Not Just Another Pretty face

Josh Marshall sees holes in the idea that post-election will be Sarah Palin's time to shine. A lot of people are floating the idea that she will be the new face of the Republican party, which I can only hope for as it solidifies the fact that the GOP is entirely bankrupt and has completely ditched conservative ideology--thus, fragmenting their base even further.

Palin wasn't simply unprepared for intense scrutiny of a national campaign. The woman is an ignoramus of almost unprecedented magnitude in the annals of national politics. It's not just that virtually every-non-Republican has a negative view of her. I just don't see a national party getting behind someone like that. And before you snark, "What about George Bush?" Sorry but there's no comparison. Whatever else I think of him, he's not a moron. And while he appears to be astoundingly incurious, there's simply no comparison to Palin.
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