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Obama Picks Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff

Obama is moving quickly to put his administration together and has given the Chief of Staff role to Rahm Emanuel, Democratic Representative from Illinois. According to the AP, "Several Democrats confirmed that Emanuel had been offered the job. While it was not clear he had accepted, a rejection would amount to an unlikely public snub of the new president-elect within hours of an electoral college landslide."

Obama has ten weeks to fill hundreds of positions, including his top level cabinet.

Emanuel was a political and policy aide in Bill Clinton's White House. Leaving that, he turned to investment banking, then won a Chicago-area House seat six years ago. In Congress, he moved quickly into the leadership. As chairman of the Democratic campaign committee in 2006, he played an instrumental role in restoring his party to power after 12 years in the minority.



sure, he goes back to clinton, but his roots were firmly planted back in illinois since he was part of paul simon's support group. too much emphasis has been placed on rahm and the clintons in a lot of the blogs. i think this is a great choice. i hope he takes it. he'd be amazing in the role.

I love that he's Ari Gold's brother. Hug it out, bitches.

Word on the street is he has a lot of the same, um, "people skills" as Ari. Either way, nobody can argue his effectiveness. Dude runs a TIGHT ship.

i'm glad he has those exact same people skills. you need to have thick skin and determination to get the stuff done.

on the other side of things, he's always been pleasant to me as one of his constituents. i've met and talked to him the past two years at the old town folks and roots festivals. i'm proud that he represents me in congress. i hope to see him as the speaker of the house one day. sure, this will delay it a bit, but hopefully he'll get there.

Love this:

Along the way, Emanuel earned a reputation for a colorful intensity unusual even in the hard-hitting world of politics. His profanity is legendary and seems designed in part to throw his interlocutors off-balance.

Emanuel excelled at fundraising, sometimes screaming and shouting at donors until they agreed to contribute -- generously -- to his candidate. He threatened to tear up checks if he considered them too small.

Dude gets the job DONE.

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