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Obama: The "Vision" IS MY Job

Deflecting criticism of his appointing so many ex-Clinton staffers to his new administration, Barack Obama nails it with the most logical, confidence inducing reply he can:

"That's my job," Obama said, adding that it "is to provide a vision where we are going and to make sure that my team is implementing it."

So, everyone all twisted up about a Washington insider like Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff, or Robert Gates hanging around as Defense Secretary, or Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State...back the fuck up. He's GOT this! As George W. Bush reminded us so eloquently: the President is the Decider, the Commander Guy. The President sets the policy and these folks implement it. Chill out!



This is in keeping with his philosophy of placing political rivals in key positions. This will help avoid "group-think" situations (See the entire Bush Administration).

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