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Obama's Team of Rivals

Yesterday everyone was abuzz at the news of Hillary Clinton's "secret" meeting with Barack Obama yesterday and the possibility that he'll offer her the Secretary of State chair in his new cabinet. Today everyone's yammering about a scheduled meeting with John McCain on Monday, the subject of which is unknown but rumors abound. So what gives?

After eight years of yesmen and yokels I guess Obama has decided the office of the President of the United States can actually benefit from a diversity of views and he's apparently confident enough to even bring in some folks who worked against him getting the job. Critics will tell you this will breed gridlock and confusion and is yet more evidence of Obama's radical liberalism in that he wants to entertain all sides of an argument instead of acting—and they'd be right if not for the simple fact that Obama has already illustrated his ability to make hard decisions on the fly by completely dominating this past election. Looks like we might actually be entering an enlightenment in American politics...or a very good PR show.

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