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An Open Letter to Crybaby Lefties (Re: Rahm Emanuel)

Rahm EmanuelSo lefties are bitching and moaning about Barack Obama's choice of Rahm Emanuel as his Chief Of Staff, suggesting that he's screwing his base, and that it's "not a good sign for progressives."

Rahm Emanuel gets shit done, period. He is a badass. The Dems wanted to control congress and Emanuel made it happen. Yes, it's true that he got some very conservative politicians to run as Democrats, but so what? They won districts Dems hadn't won in years, districts real lefties never could've won. It worked. Dems now control Congress.

Now it's up to us to keep the party in check and make sure they do the right thing (or the left thing, as the case may be, ha ha). But really. Come on. We wouldn't even be talking about this if Emanuel wouldn't have cleaned the fuck up in 2006. Obama would be trying to figure out how to force policy through a Republican congress.

I can't stand how lefty idealists lose their shit the moment someone makes a pragmatic decision. 1. What do you want to accomplish? 2. How are you going to accomplish it? Idealists never seem to consider question #2. Do they really want to accomplish anything? Or do they want to sit in their saintly pulpit and sneer down at the people who get their hands dirty? Fuck that. Get to work, motherfuckers. Get shit done!

Obama is a pragmatic guy. He wants to accomplish big things. Those of us on the left will not agree with every aspect of the compromises he makes to get things done. Tough shit. None of us are the President-Elect of the United States of America.


PS - Emanuel is my rep and I've probably sent him 20-30 emails over the past four years yelling at him for annoying, conservative, corporate votes he's cast. Whatever, though, Democrats won double-digit seats in the house in two consecutive elections for the first time in, like, forever. He made it happen. It was all leading up to this. Now it's time to take the country in a new direction. Let's hug it out, bitches.



I liken this to JFK's use of his younger brother. People remember Bobby as the face of anti-war and racial equality idealism in 1968. They forget (or don't know) that he was Jack's attack dog and was HATED by his political enemies to the point of violence. Bobby thought his older brother was wishy-washy and a little too timid to actually implement the policies he wanted so the younger Kennedy acted as the shield AND the sword and got shit done.

Rahm Emanuel will work for Barack Obama, who will be the President and the one who sets the agenda. he NEEDS someone tough to get this extremely hard work done. I am all for this pick.

left on, Jake. Reminds me of the three rules for keeping your job
1 Find out who your boss is
2 Find out what s/he wants
3 Do it
It's really important to remember that 8 years ago when the neocons took over that
they said 'fuck everybody, we're going to do what we want'. It's a country, folks, not a playpen. And it's everyone's country, not the left or rights. Make it happen, make it good.

Couldn't agree more. A few additional pluses: he's been in the White House before, and so knows procedural stuff a fresh face cannot; he's been in a dysfunctional White House before, and so knows what not to do (the soul of wisdom); he is a proven enforcer, and so can not only leave Obama to do the thinking without having to check anyone's homework, but can also set the prez up beautifully to be the good cop. I think the choice was perfect, the anti-Palin, if I may be so bold. The only drawback to Rahm: he isn't too well liked in the Arab world, as he is a dual US-Israeli citizen, his pops was an "underground" pre-state Israeli soldier, and Rahm himself did a bit of volunteering for the state. Tough shit, though. This will all fade once the Man starts making the tough decisions, and then he'll draw all the fire. How many people on the planet can name Bush's chief of staff?

This entire discussion reminds me of an exchange I had with my dad after Obama voted for the FISA expansion. He said he was done with Obama, that no one has principles, that western civilization peaked in 1969, etc. I pointed out that he was talking like a schoolgirl (any schoolgirls present excepted) and didn't seem to understand the job that Obama is running for. My only fear about the next four years is that most of the electorate is unaware of the realities of governance on the federal level, and will start to get fed up when "Change" doesn't happen some time in February.

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