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Palin Gives Interview as Turkeys get Slaughtered in Background

Sarah Palin, back home in Alaska, gave an interview to a local news team at a turkey farm where Palin had formally given a pardon to a lucky turkey, sparing the turkey a trip to somebody's Thanksgiving dinner table. The interview is utterly unremarkable, except that for what is going on in the background over Palin's shoulder. A farm worker goes about his business slaughtering turkeys while the camera rolls and Palin talks. You just can't make this stuff up:



Wow, that is unbelievable! haha.

How can anyone agree to an interview in front of that? You would think one of her assistants would stop her and say, "um lets try another angle...!"

As for the Bush video, I agree with you Jude. Its a perfect example of image control and how important it is for any person in office to be on their mark all the time.

I do think it was irresponsbile of CNN and Sanchez (especially for his comments on the video) without checking out the whole story.

No love for Newsbusters? I enjoy the website, though I think some of their arguments are a stretch. I think they provide an interesting view on journalism in America.

Hi, Tim,

While I'm not here to defend Rick Sanchez, his comment that Bush looked like the unpopular kid at school is accurate - that's what it LOOKED like to the casual observer. I don't think there's much debate about that, hence the importance of image control. Make what you will of his other comments, as they are fair game for critique.

As for Newsbusters, they regard themselves as, "the leader in documenting, exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias." The primary problem that I have with this is that "liberal media bias" is a myth propagated by the Right to discredit and undermine legitimate news sources. One effective way to counter reality-based news reported by objective sources that yields stories unflattering to Right-wing ideology is to challenge the legitimacy of the source.

Newsbusters has a story up now that would have the reader believe that there is a conspiracy among media outlets to conceal the fact that new job creation programs by the Obama Administration would create "government jobs." (As if that's a bad thing - most people will take a government paycheck over no paycheck any day.) I'll accuse Newsbusters of ginning up a story where there is none; that media outlets aren't calling a job creation program (that doesn't even exist yet) by a name that the Right finds convenient to its own political ends.


I just now watched a report on NBC (Liberal Media!) that suggested that Obama might create a program to put people to work rebuilding critical infrastructure. It was pretty clear from the report that it would be a government program. I don't think it is any secret that a New Deal style public works program is at least on the table as part of an overall solution to our economic crisis.

A free and open media will contain a share of liberal voices, but I would argue that, as a whole, the mainstream media is actually moderately conservative. Before I go off on a lengthy tangent here, consider that CNN, which brings us Rick Sanchez, also gives us Glenn Beck.

That said, I find it fun to check in on the Right just to see what they're saying.

Thanks for your comments.

Oh, no. You missed the outtakes:


Funny stuff, Lil' Tim! Thanks for sharing.

yeah, we're in a great position here in Alaska-unlike that turkey in back of me.

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