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Roves Predicts a Landslide...for Obama

Karl Rove has already called the election and predicts a landslide for Obama:

Karl Rove, the man widely credited with engineering President Bush's two successful White House bids, is predicting the Illinois senator will take the White House in an Electoral College landslide, winning 338 votes to John McCain's 200. That would be the largest Electoral College victory since 1996, when Bill Clinton defeated Bob Dole in a 379-159 rout.

The question is: what's he up to? Does he really think this will be a landslide or is he setting a high expectation so if Obama DOESN'T blow out McCain (but still wins) Republicans can position the win as less than a mandate? Rove is evil, everything he does and says is suspect.



it was probably more so a dig at william kristol for pushing palin on to mccain. it's just rove positioning himself to step back to the helm of as gop strategist. as much as i would like to think that obama's grand win is a signal that campaigns will change, we'll just have to see what the next mid-term elections are like and if rove has any hand in them.

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