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Schumer: Minnesota is NOT Florida

For most of America, this rock and roll election year ended on November 4 with Democrats picking up seats in both houses of congress...oh yeah, and Barack Obama winning the Big House. But Democratic New York Senator Chuck Schumer is keeping a close watch on one of a couple outstanding races, this one in hotly contested Minnesota where a slim margin triggered an automatic recount. Schumer alleges that Republican incumbent Norm Coleman is trying to shut down the count through intimidation and if Dems learned anything from 2000 it's to fight that shit like the world depends on it.

The Hill reports that Schumer cites some particularly hardball tactics employed by the GOP in attempts to influence the outcome, including statements made by former Bush administration official Hans von Spakovsky and "attack documents" circulated by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).

"The Coleman campaign is juicing up the right wing to put pressure on the process," Schumer said. "The right wing has worked itself into a lather in a clear attempt to intimidate election officials from doing their job ... I have news for those seeking to intimidate the process: Minnesota is not Florida."

This is one of three contests still open in this year's race to 60 seats in the Senate. The other two races are for Alaska Republican Senator (and recently convicted felon) Ted Steven's seat and Georgia Republican (and Max Cleland smear king) Saxby Chambliss spot in the Senate.

Late reporting from the AP:

In the Stevens race, Begich jumped to an 814-vote lead, after trailing by 3,200 when the day began. The tally late Wednesday was 132,196 to 131,382, with an estimated 30,000 ballots remaining to be counted, some on Friday and some next week.

Maybe we should dispatch Rahm to sort this shit out.

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