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Sullivan: Keep Her Close

Andrew Sullivan responds to the outpouring of criticism, from the left and the right, to the reports that Hillary Clinton is being considered for Secretary of State. Many see the potential appointment as a caving to Hillary's base in an attempt the mend fences (something I find ridiculous since Obama's already won the election). Others see it as a selling out the liberals who propelled his campaign by replacing the solidly centrist Clintons to a seat of power in the White House. Still others see it as a plot to hand US foreign policy over to the UN (another laughable premise given how hawkish Clinton has been since becoming a Senator).

Sullivan sees it as a shrewd political move:

And that is what the appointment is about as well. She won't be able to destroy Obama from Foggy Bottom, and Obama's destruction is necessary for a Clinton revival. Take it from a veteran Clinton-hater. Obama knows how to handle them just right.

What that they say about the proximity at which you keep friends and enemies...?

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