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Ted Stevens: Out

The AP is reporting that Republican senator Ted Stevens has lost his bid for re-election.

Tuesday's tally of just over 24,000 absentee and other ballots gave Anchorage mayor Mark Begich 146,286, or 47.56 percent, to 143,912, or 46.76 percent, for Stevens.

That puts the Democrats one step closer to the fillibuster-proof 60 seeats with Georgia and Minnesota in a run-off and recount, respectively.

According to the article, challenger "[Mark] Begich will be the first Democrat to represent Alaska in the Senate in nearly 30 years. He is the son of Nick Begich, Alaska's third congressman, who died in a plane crash 1972 while running for re-election.



Well, I guess that saves the Republicans the embarassment of having to see Stevens expelled from the Senate, as was likely to happen. This is the best news the Republicans have had in 2 weeks.

So, who doesn't think that Uncle Ted will be getting a presidential pardon for Christmas?

He said he wasn't requesting one, but I guess we'll see about that.

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