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The Union Forever

Unions in America have had a tough couple of decades. Declining membership, restrictions on their organizing activities, financial woes, and in-fighting that has led to more fragmentation has meant a lot of bad PR. But politicians who are ready to write them off as a political force had better think twice.

According to Tula Connell at the AFL-CIO, here is the rundown on labor's impact on campaign 2008:

  • Union voters supported President-elect Barack Obama 67 percent to 30 percent over Sen. John McCain. In the top-tier battleground states the difference was even more stark, with union members going for Obama 69 to 28 -- a 41-point margin.
  • While McCain won among voters ages 65 and up, active and retired union members older than 65 went for Obama by a 46-point margin.
  • While McCain won among veterans, union veterans went for Obama by a 25-point margin.
  • Working America members, concentrated in key states, supported Obama by 67 percent to 30 percent.
  • 60 percent of union members and 56 percent of Working America members said the economy was a top issue.
  • Union members got a lot of contact from their unions about the election, with more than 80 percent receiving union mail, more than 80 percent receiving union publications,
  • 59 percent getting live phone calls and 32 percent getting worksite fliers.
  • 75 percent of union members say Obama's victory gives him a mandate to make major change. 81 percent support the Employee Free Choice Act.
  • 21 percent of voters were in a union or union household.
  • With 52 percent and more than 62 million votes, Obama has more than surpassed Bush's 2004 win. His seven-point win over McCain is a decisive victory for pro-working family policies.

    In other words...like your new president? Thank your local union.

    VIA Salon

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    I'll take any excuse I can get to post the AFSCME video:

    I've bled union since childhood.

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