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That's as in "What Would William F. Buckley Do"? The God(father) of the modern conservative movement may have crossed over this past year, but in some ways he is still vital. A critic of the Bush Iraq policy, he still held sway over those of a true conservative bent. First his son, Christopher, announced his support for Obama, and now another stalwart from the pages of the National Review, Jeffrey Hart, is making the argument that Obama is actually more conservative in the classical sense (don't get all nervous liberals, this isn't meant to put you off your game), and that he'll be voting for the Democrat.

Funny thing: How many have gone the other way?



The term "conservative" has been hijacked by religious radicals, predatory capitalists, and other idiots.

If "conservative" is to mean a conservation of the core priciples of genuine freedom and democracy (as originally devised in those elitist East Coast hotbeds of radicalism known as Boston, New York, and Philadelphia), then, yes, Obama is an actual conservative. In today's parlance this stripe of conservatism = "liberal."

Gosh, remember principled conservatives? Hey, if you weren't in on the ground floor of that, that's not where the money's at these days.

George Will is another such principled conservative. Lately he has been castigating his party, no doubt to the tune of the same vicious death threats that Kathleen Parker (who has been rather to the Right for 20+ years) received when she dared mention that, whiole she liked Sarah Palin, she was definitely not ready for prime time.

The definition of "principled" is when your views don't change depending on the party affiliation of whomever/whatever you are talking about.

Conservativism has an honorable and wise history. It has indeed been hijacked by "do as I say, not as I do" authoritarians.

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