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Bolton: Bomb Iran Already!

John Bolton has a one-track mind: Bomb Iran. The guy can link anything to the need to bomb Iran and bomb the shit out them.

Yesterday on Hannity & Colmes Bolton claimed that the current crisis in Gaza was just one more opportunity to let Iran have it.

COLMES: So if we do that, they strike back, are we then in danger of creating a broader war?

BOLTON: I think in many Arab states in the region, although they wouldn't say it publicly, they'd be doing the equivalent of popping champagne corks because the Arab states don't want Iran with nuclear weapons any more than Israel does. What Iran could do is what's already happening in the Gaza Strip or what might happen if they unleashed Hezbollah, terrorist attacks on Israel.

Anyone willing to roll the dice on that assessment?

ThinkProgress has more, including video.



A comment on another blog suggested that "Barack the Magic Liberal, or Magic Leftie, or Magic Democrat, etc." would have been appropriate, even funny. In those cases, the object of derision would clearly have been Obama's political leanings.

With Barack the Magic Negro, however, the "joke" pivots on Obama's racial makeup. Whole different ballgame.

Bolton seems increasingly like a comic-book character. His one-track mind, willing to do and say anything to bomb the hell out of the Middle-East, seems like an evil villain that needs to be stopped.

i'm still confused how this guy even won his position...the Democrats never should have let that happen...thankfully, the end is near for Mr. Bolton.

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