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Bristol Palin Gives Birth to a Boy

Reuters, by way of People magazine, is reporting that Bristol Palin has given birth to a boy in Anchorage, Alaska.

The 7 lb 4 oz (3.3 kilogram) baby was born on Sunday in Palmer, Alaska, and is named Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, reported People, who spoke to Sarah Palin's aunt Colleen Jones.

What is the deal with these names? What is going on in Alaska? That sounds like a weird soap opera name. Can we be absolutely certain that an evil twin won't show up some day and swindle poor old Aunt Colleen out of her life savings?



I'm disappointed. I was hoping they'd name the kid Tweaker.

what, no wedding first?

People paid her $300,000 grand for the story/pics. Only in America...

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