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Colin Powell: Republicans Need to "Stop Shouting at the World"

(Via Think Progress) It looks like I'm not the only one who noticed that the Republican Party is on its way to becoming a party of and for rural (southern) white people. Former Secretary of State General Colin Powell voiced his misgivings about the direction the Republicans appear to be heading in an interview with Fareed Zakaria on CNN. Specifically, Powell lamented the deliberate attempts by Republicans to polarize the electorate.

Powell took Sarah Palin to task for her repeated insinuations that Small Town Values (whatever the hell those are...) are superior to urban values, "I think she had something of a polarizing effect when she talked about how small town values are good. Well, most of us don't live in small towns. And I was raised in the South Bronx, and there's nothing wrong with my value system from the South Bronx." Powell also cited Republican rhetoric from the presidential campaign trail that suggested that some parts of America are better, or more American than others, "And when they came to Virginia and said the southern part of Virginia is good and the northern part of Virginia is bad. The only problem with that is there are more votes in the northern part of Virginia than there are in the southern part of Virginia, so that doesn't work."

In a nutshell, Powell said that while there is nothing wrong with holding conservative views or values, the Republicans are going to have to face the fact that in the near future, white people will no longer comprise a majority of the American public. He said that if the Republicans expect to be a competitive party in the future, they need to start listening to minority communities instead of just shouting at them to take care of their own problems.

Watch it. It's a gem:

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