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Sarah Palin "Conservative of the Year" – Or: The Gift That Keeps on Giving Gives Some More

My favorite ringer for Marilyn Manson, Ann Coulter, writing at HumanEvents.com, has bestowed the site's "prestigious" Conservative of the Year award on none other than Governor Sarah Palin. What qualified Palin for such an honor? According to Coulter, Palin's conservative cred is a result of, "her genius at annoying all the right people."

So, this is what the conservative movement has come to – being annoying is a trait worthy of a badge of honor. I can't think of a better way to illustrate how absolutely bereft of intelligence and meaningful thought the conservative movement has become.

Coulter's column is almost worth reading because it's hilarious, although I don't think she was attempting a stab at humor. It reads like a Saturday Night Live skit written for a dim-witted church-lady sort of character.

Coulter offered some advice for the would-be Presidential candidate from Alaska, "Perhaps Palin's year is 2012, but I would recommend that she take a little more time to become older and wiser. She ought to spend the next decade being a good governor, tending to her children so none of them turn out like Ron Reagan Jr., and reading everything Phyllis Schlafly, Thomas Sowell, Ronald Reagan and "Publius" have ever written."

...Because if there's one thing Palin needs to do, it's to somehow become more conservative. This is like thinking you can stop a boat from sinking by making the hole in the hull bigger.

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