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Small Town Values, All in the Family? - You Betcha!

CNN and almost every other news outlet today reported that Sherry Johnston, mother of Levi Johnston of Bristol Palin baby-daddy fame, was arrested on drug charges by the Alaska State Police. To be precise, CNN reported that Ms. Johnston was, "arrested on six felony counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance at her home in Wasilla, Alaska." Apparently, a warrant for Johnston's arrest was issued in the wake of an undercover investigation. Authorities so far have withheld information on the exact substances in question in an effort to maintain the integrity of the investigation. I'm putting my money on that substance being methamphetamine. Can you say, "Meth Lab?" Perhaps Bill Maher was right when he suggested that Bristol and Levi name their kid "Tweaker."

Of course, the Right wing was beside itself with joy with the prospect of a Sarah Palin Vice Presidency, what with her representing real American small town values and all. "That affinity is something the mainstream media is still trying to understand. They're sitting in their gleaming office towers in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta and trying, desperately trying, to understand how Palin — a working mother from a state thousands of miles from the heartland — could hold such appeal for stoic small-town residents," crowed the simpletons at the conservative Pajamas Media in September of 2008, perhaps the height of Palin's general popularity. (Was that stoic or stoned small-town residents?) "Perhaps one reason the MSM doesn't understand this affinity is that they've bought into pop culture's depiction of small-town residents as tooth-sucking bumpkins who, when not watching NASCAR in our "wife-beater" tank tops with our mouths hanging open, rumble around on dirt roads in beat-up pickup trucks featuring gun racks. We know better," Pajamas Media proudly reported.

Small town America, we hardly knew ye!

You just can't make this shit up, kids...

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