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23 Hours to Go...

At noon tomorrow, Barack Obama will be sworn in as our 44th President. Also, tomorrow is the day that the moving truck carrying the Obamas' personal belongings will arrive at the White House. A bit of a break with tradition will ensue as the incoming truck will not meet the outgoing moving truck in the driveway.

According to CNN, the Bushes began moving out their belongings as early as last summer. Bush family personal items have been making the exodus from the White House and from Camp David to W's ranch in Crawford, Texas. Anita McBride, Chief of Staff to First Lady Laura Bush, told CNN that the move-out process employed a sort of Dewey decimal system to make the move-out easy and orderly.

Perhaps the Bushes were simply planning ahead, since W was in no danger of being re-elected. Boy, imagine if W had put this much forethought into invading Iraq...

Of course, this just adds a bit of fodder to the idea the Bush "checked out" a while ago.

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