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Fox News: Democrats Responsible for Crash of USAirways 1549 into Hudson River

According to the folks at NewsHounds, who watch Fox News so we don't have to, Fox's Sean Hannity on Saturday laid the blame for the crash of USAirways Flight 1549 squarely at the feet of Charles Schumer, the Democratic Senator from New York.

Quoth Hannity:

Back in 2004, the New York Senator saw to it that a $200,000 earmark went to GeesePeace. Now, this is an animal rights group that devotes itself to saving Canada geese through non-lethal methods. Now, this was Schumer's attempt to solve the problem of overpopulation of geese, some of which live on Riker's Island. That's directly in the flight path of La Guardia airport. Now, the perilous result of this plan was seen on Thursday when the same breed of geese, Canada geese, downed US Airways flight 1549. Now, maybe our lawmakers should focus on preventing such tragedies rather than empowering groups that seem to care more about the birds than the safety of Americans.

Of course, I would expect many Republican / Right wing pundits to turn up their criticism of the Democrats and of Barack Obama in an effort to regain some traction with the public for their battered party and ideologies. But what the hell is this? I've been saying for a long time now that the Right has proudly jettisoned all intelligence from its ranks, and this pretty much confirms my suspicions. I just can't take anything the Right says seriously any more. They might as well argue for the eradication of birds altogether. The people at Fox News might as well start writing for Saturday Night Live.

In related news, Chesley Sullenberger, the captain / hero of Flight 1549 who safely ditched the Airbus A320 into the Hudson River, thus sparing 155 lives, has accepted an invitation that was extended to himself and his family to attend the inauguration of President Obama in Washington, DC. This will force a postponement of plans for a hero's welcoming party in Sullenberger's hometown of Danville, California, but I'm sure he'll get a hero's welcome at the much bigger event in DC.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mr. Hannity. Jackass.



maybe hannity has a point. these birds are a scourge on our airways. maybe there should have been better border control to keep those terrorist canandian birds out of our air space. let's get some minutemen up there with some rifles to keep those damn birds from harming our planes. cheney's going to be out of a job soon. i'm sure he could use the gig. of course, he's a little light in the experience department since he only shoots at fattened birds with clipped wings. i say let dick shoot. these are dire times that call for all citizens to take arms against this great canadian menace.

Wait a minute...

"Now, this is an animal rights group that devotes itself to saving Canada geese through non-lethal methods." - As opposed to lethal methods of saving geese???

I agree, Vitas. You'll notice that those geese didn't attack an Air Canada jet...

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