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Glenn Beck Challenges Legitimacy of Do-Over

I guess the answer to my question earlier is being answered. There's a predictable but growing hysteria surrounding Barack Obama's swearing in and whether it's legitimate. Most of us watching on Tuesday heard Chief Justice John Roberts' minor flub of the oath and dismissed it as irrelevant but tinfoil hat wearing right-fringers saw it as the first opening to challenge Obama's authority as Commander in Chief.

Ever careful to cross every i and dot every t, Obama and Chief Justice Roberts had a re-do in the Oval Office, but even this doesn't seem to be enough to quell the most ardent nutters among us.

Leave it to Glenn Beck to point out that Obama didn't not have his hand on a Bible in the second swearing (something that is not required nor even suggested in the Constitution) and then has the balls to claim that such a thing has NEVER happened before. Problem is, he's wrong...as usual.

The circus is in town, folks.



That's it! I've had it! Glenn Beck should be shot. In the face. By Dick Cheney. Not killed, mind you, just severely disfigured.

i thought glenn beck was already severely disfigured. go figure.

Because President Obama signed the required paperwork, and the clock made it to 12PM, he became president. Doesn't legally matter if he does a Public Swearing or not.

BUT - This is a great example of how the current Congress and Administration are making many concerned. They try to "fix" something and really they open a huge van of worms and make things worse.

Many things that happened with President G.W. Bush left me saying: "Great in Idea, BAD in actual Practice.". Just look at No Child Left Behind. The Idea is great, but this program is turning the schools of today into Testing Centers with the "teaching" being how to take standardized tests and not actual substance. The kids are not Thinking for themselves.

Now we are starting to see on day one a great Idea, but bad practice. Not just the photo op, but shutting down GITMO without having a true plan on what (where) is to be done with the detainies..

I think we just have TOOOO many Lawyers at the helm of this country. Maybe if they were Doctors under the oath to Do No Harm they might realize that these lawyers are weilding a knife and doing things with it that simple REST and let the body heal itself would (not only take less time) do even better...

On could only hope, and then VOTE some new Congressmen (and women) into the office that will not sellout our Childrens Children's future..

"The kids are not Thinking for themselves." Exactly. Also, I think that was the goal - to create a generation of thoughtless servile fools.

Obama's order to close GITMO allows for a year to complete. I had a great teacher in high school who said "A task will expand to the time alloted to complete," meaning if you give yourself a week to clean your room it will take a week to do it.

Obama has put in place an end date and that will force us all to figure out what to do with the detainees Bush seemed happy to forget. Some will be sent home as they pose no threat and were collected hastily on "the battlefield." Some will be tried and convicted or acquitted, each result having a course of action. The remaining are those that pose the biggest question: those tortured into divulging information, the results of which are not admissible in an American court. That will require some hard thinking.

...and everyone hates lawyers until they need one.

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