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Limbaugh Says Those Who Want Obama to Succeed are "Cult-Like"

This is rich. Reality-challenged drug addict Rush Limbaugh told FOX News tool Sean Hannity that he doesn't trust President Obama and he believes that many Americans have adopted a cultish mentality. "I'm suspicious... when I see the entire media and the entire establishment Left lay down and become cult-like..." Bear in mind that this is coming from the man who broadcasts radical Right-wing propaganda to self-described "ditto-heads" who gobble up his words as if they were gospel – but just don't call THEM cult-like. Rush then made the tired and predictable charge that nobody asked any questions about Obama's background. Where the hell has Rush been in the last two years?

Rush went on about the Left's supposed cult of victimhood, which is really odd because his whole tirade comes off as if Rush and his ditto-head true believers are the ones being victimized by the specter of an intelligent, articulate President and Administration. Oddly, Rush didn't provide any specific reality-based information on who the alleged victims actually are. Perhaps they're made of straw.

The Huffington Post has the video here.

But it isn't just the Democrats in Rush's crosshairs. He went on to lambast Republicans for "wanting (Obama) to succeed." This makes no sense. Why would any supposedly patriotic American WANT the President to fail at anything? Even if one doesn't expect a particular President to deliver according to one's liking, wouldn't one still want said President to be a net good for the country? Rush went on to accuse Republicans of drinking the proverbial Kool-Aid and being, "gutless," because, "they're afraid of being called racist." Of course, there was no word from Rush as to who these offending Republicans are. Maybe they're straw Republicans

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