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NYT: Kennedy Drops Out Due to Tax, Worker Issues

NOTE TO RICH FOLKS: File your taxes right and hire legal help to clean your house.

Word is leaking out that Caroline Kennedy removed her name from consideration as a replacement in Hillary Clinton's vacated senate seat not out of concern for her ailing Uncle Teddy (as implied by family confidants) but because she has some nagging tax issues and may have had undocumented help in her household.

This is becoming a common theme among nominees and appointments and is certainly nothing new, but how hard is it to get one OR the other right? I get that our tax code is a maze and the more money you have means the more complicated your filing will get as shelters and foundations and myriad other details muddy up the works. And I know that finding good help is hard, especially when so many perfectly nice and qualified, but ultimately ineligible workers show up with resume and referrals in hand. But can't you get ONE of those two issues right?



The new replacement - Gillibrand is not a great choice. She's been a corporate lawyer for years...at David Boies' firm (Gore's lawyer in 2000). She's been a huge fundraiser for Andrew Cuomo - which is who pushed her name to the forefront. Her former colleagues say her depth of understanding of legal issues left much to be desired...but, she's ambitious, and apparently landing the best gig in town. Most Dems in the city are not thrilled with the choice...

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