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Obama Administration Talks Tough

One of the right's favorite put-downs of their colleagues on the left is that progressives are mealy mouthed ninnies who hem and haw at every detail and argue themselves right out of a decision at the expense of the American people. Well, President Obama and his administration are kicking that stereotype to the curb.

First we had Obama challenging John McCain to make his accusations about various associations (read: William Ayers and other "pals") in the debates. "Say it to my face," taunted Obama.

Last week Obama told Republicans who tried to bully out key elements of the President's stimulus package that their complaints were fine and good but, "I won," meaning you are not going to tell a president with a 70% plus approval rating (including almost 50% from Republicans in many polls) what to do.

And today we have White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs treating the GOP's weak attempts to derail the stimulus package as the load of horseshit it really is:

GIBBS: When we met on the first day of our presidency, we were on the Mall, right? 1.8 million people stood on the Mall, which happens to be the most visited national park that we have, right? I think that you can make a very credible case and the economic team has that reconditioning the National Mall will create jobs — probably through spending in small businesses. ... You know, how is hiring cops stimulative? Well, if you're about to fire cops, then hiring cops is stimulative. It's putting people back to work.

I love it.

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