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State Senator Obama, Foodie in 2001

There's a great show on local Chicago PBS called Check Please where regular people pick their favorite restaurants and then review them with two other guests. Back in 2001, State Senator Barack Obama was on the show. But his episode never aired because the two other guests weren't camera-friendly enough.

Well, to celebrate the show's 100th episode (and Obama's inauguration), they finally aired the episode. I caught it this week and it's 100% awesome. Obama uses the exact same tone and demeanor when he's critiquing restaurants as he did when he was debating John McCain. The whole thing is surreal because you're hearing that voice talk in that way about peach cobbler instead of the economy or the environment or middle class tax breaks.

It's great that WTTW has put the segment with Barack's restaurant choice (Dixie Kitchen) online, but it's a shame you can't watch the whole 30-minute episode, because Obama is totally cool throughout the entire show. These seven minutes are great, but so is the rest of the episode.

Now I'm regretting having already deleted it from the Tivo...



while it's great that it finally came out, i can kiss going to dixie kitchen good-bye for a while. it'll more than receive the usual check, please bounce. it'll get the obama bounce.

it really is a great place. not fancy at all. great laid-back, comfortable atmosphere. with great comfort food.

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