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Battling Windmills: Conservatism in America

This is what it's come to: languishing in the political deep woods without a leader nor bold ideas to tackle the big problems we're facing, conservatives in America resort to making up enemies and diabolical plots against which they rail. On one hand it's great theater, on the other it's political shuck-and-jive, the likes of which we haven't seen since...the last Democratic dominance.

Take POLJUNK's brief Twitter exchange with conservative micro-blogger PatriotWriter. This poor mook is hiding all her guns for fear that President Obama and AG Eric Holder will wrench them from her cold, dead hands and deprive her kin of their birthright to defend themselves. Yes, conservatives are still afraid of a massive gun grab. Nevermind the fact that this canard has been pushed since Goldwater's day and has yet to materialize despite the multiple Democratic administrations since. It plays well to the fearful base and is a genuine cash cow for the NRA, so an Obama presidency is a boon for gun toting fundraisers.

And then there's the embarrassing and hilarious cow towing to Rush Limbaugh...


Let's cut to the chase here: Limbaugh is a great marketer, mediocre talk show host, and downright childish thinker. And THIS is who conservatives rally around? Sure, it makes sense for Limbaugh to proclaim himself the leader of the movement and then decry the "smears" and "attacks" against his good name. That's just good business. What's in it for Mitch McConnell though? Here he is at CPAC kissing that massive, pasty ass:

Compare that [CPAC] to the left's annual attempt to imitate, the so-called Take Back America conference, which last year drew about a third as many people as CPAC. What this proves, of course, is that conservatives are more fun and interesting than liberals.

I mean, let's be honest. Who wants to hang out with guys like Paul Krugman and Robert Reich, when you can be with Rush Limbaugh!

Seriously? I can't believe even McConnell would want to spend his free time with a pompous blowhard like Limbaugh, but when your base is shrinking to lunatic fringe levels you don't do anything to upset the King.

And then there's Tom DeLay. Jesus, if ever there's been a bigger douchebag in congress...The former Majority Leader seems to be the only man who was elected to higher office with the balls to actually eat Limbaugh's words. Everyone else side-steps the fact that Rush has openly declared his hope that Obama fails while DeLay not only joins him but ups the ante by calling the President of the United States a "con artist."

What's more telling though is what DeLay says later:

ThinkProgress also asked DeLay if the conservative movement feels "liberated" now that President Bush is out of office. DeLay responded that conservatives feel "liberated because they've got an enemy they can focus on," referring to "the left."

They have an ENEMY they can focus on. Tom DeLay—the former Majority Leader and member of the United States Congress—has declared enemies Americans with which he disagrees politically. This Ann Coulter's and Michele Malkin's level of discourse. This is nonsense. But...it plays to the dwindling base and is great for stuffing coffers.

DeLay said what nobody else seems to have the balls to say and that is the conservative movement is out of ideas and so all they have left is to protect us from imaginary enemies and false conspiracies. Whether it's gun grabs or the Fairness Doctrine or government mandated medical oversight, they purposely twist the facts to create doubt and fear among their base in order to pry open their wallets and fund the fight. Make no mistake, there are groups on the Left who do the same thing and this is nothing new, but to see it in action in the Internet age is something to behold. As an American I have to wonder where it leads?


Let these fucknuts hang themselves. They cannot govern. They are right where they belong, an impotent minority obsessing about liberals and making stuff up.

Why do so many conservatives have that creepy smile painted on their faces? That PatriotWriter chick almost looks like a cartoon character. Michelle Bachmann is that way too. What the hell are they so happy about?

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