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Krugman: Ignore the Republicans

While I find President Obama's talk of bi-partisanship heartening, I think he needs to stop talking and ram through his plan. Democrats won back to back increases in both houses of Congress and Obama handily won the Presidency: that's a mandate, folks. If Republicans want to offer up asinine "proposals" to the recovery plan, that's there prerogative but me an Paul Krugman think Obama should simply ignore their nonsense.

Money quote (emphasis added):

KRUGMAN: Look at what just happened, we had a proposal I think it was McCain's proposal for an economic recover package, his version of it which was all tax cuts, a complete, let's do exactly what Bush did, have another round of Bush-style policies. After eight years which that didn't work and we got 36 out of 41 Republican senators voting for that which is completely crazy. So how much bipartisan outreach can you have when 36 out of 41 republican senators take their marching orders from Rush Limbaugh?

Via ThinkProgress

President Obama needs to take the message he delivered at the Democratic retreat this week and plaster it all over prime-time airways. In the speech he rightly mocks the GOP's attempts to derail the stimulus package by calling it a "spending package." Obama's response? "What do you think stimulus is? It's spending..." THAT's what he should be saying to the American people directly. USE that bully pulpit and your natural gift for messaging. Let's DO THIS before it's too late.

Obama Pushes Stimulus Bill Speaking to House Dems At Spa Retreat

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