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Republicans: Obama not a Real American

On Thursday Cliff Kincaid, who heads a "conservative" watchdog group called Accuracy in Media, addressed a crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Moments before introducing the next speaker, Representative Mike Pence (R-IN), Kincaid told the crowd, "Back during the 1980's, we had a president who was anti-communist," Kincaid said. "Back during hate 1980's, at least we knew that our president was born in the United States." Kincaid hit two birds with one stone; he basically called President Obama a communist and one of them durn furriners (and a darkie at that!). This, to great applause.

ThinkProgress provided the video:

Never mind that the lie, repeated ad nauseum by the Right since Barack Obama became a candidate for the Presidency, has been thoroughly debunked. The Republican Party is in virtual shambles, in no small part due to its track record of hostility toward every demographic other than angry white men. If they think they can broaden their appeal to America's increasingly diverse population by mending their image any time soon, this is no way to start. Nothing says, "We're the party of ignorant white racist buffoons," better than this. Given America's almost countless ills today, THIS is the point that the Republicans think is worth driving home? These assholes just don't know when to quit.

Did I mention that Kincaid is the head of a "conservative" media watchdog group called Accuracy in Media? Oh, the irony...

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