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What's Wrong With This Picture?


What do YOU see in this cartoon?

Via Yahoo News



the sign in the background says "beware of the dog", but it was a chimp that was the actual problem.

this is one of those instances where i believe too many people work themselves into a lather about nothing.

for sake of argument i'll assume your implying that the cartoon has something to do about race relations.

why can't this image just be a timely allegory of an out of control stimulus bill. yes, a stimulus bill is needed, and not i'm not going to be ridiculous and nit-pick the same points that the republicans will. i'm all for public works spending, but there some items in there that go beyond the immediate need to generate movement in the economy. if anything, the total amount of the stimulus was too small and spread out over too long a period. double down now... through spending and larger tax incentives to spur on investment by public, small business and large business alike. and re-instate portions ofthe glass stegall act to control the exposure to harmful financial institutions. and re-instate stronger oversight and control of the financial institutions.

The racism is too obvious to not be intentional AND too obvious to be intentional.

My guess is that the cartoonist is banking on that element.

But if he's that oblivious to what his own political satire portrays, he's clearly an idiot.

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