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Why do the Republicans Hate America? (Have We Run this Headline Before???)

(via ThinkProgress) Former Resident George W. Bush's Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, addressed a crowd of Republican radicals at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). While criticizing President Obama's foreign policy positions, particularly Obama's positions regarding Iran (Iran, which is on the cusp of having an operational nuclear arsenal, thanks in no small part to the Bush Administration's policies toward Iran...), Bolton joked that under Obama, Iran might conceivably use its new nukes to obliterate and American city, such as Chicago. The CPAC crowd burst into applause at the thought of millions of Illinois residents being suddenly vaporized, burned to death, or suffering longer-term radiation sickness. This, from the party of so-called patriots.


This wasn't some Right-wing blowhard like Michael Savage or Ann Coulter, from whom one might expect to hear such shit. This was from a former ambassador (recess-) appointed by the George W. Bush.

So, why DO the Republicans hate America? Really – I'm asking...

BONUS: You know the Republicans are going off the deep end when somebody like Joe Scarborough has to warn them to rein the venom in. "We're not going to win votes, we're not going to win elections by calling Obama a communist," Scarborough warned the CPAC crowd. Scarborough is right, but if he keeps talking sense like this, he'll find himself run out of the Republican Party on a rail.

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