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Crybaby Cramer

Jim Cramer is awfully sensitive, and get a load of Joe Scarborough criticizing the Daily Show. Jon Stewart is maybe the last "comedian" on TV you want to pick a fight with right now.

Jim Cramer Responds to Jon Stewart



Dude comes off as a royal douche.

Oh yeah, and now it looks like Cramer is actually going to appear on the Daily Show: http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/2009/03/cramer_v_non-cramer.php


dude comes off as a royal douche because he is a royal douche.

i'll be interested if they really go head-to-head on the daily show. it's one thing to have a well researched group of writers putting together a bit, it's another to sit across the table and discuss what's going on and the role media plays in disseminating information and it's impact on society and the economy.

while i don't want the daily show to turn into crossfire, i do hope that it's a lively and informed debate in which cramer still has his ass handed to him. though, i doubt that will happen.

I don't know, Stewart holds his own in one-on-one interviews.

stewart does do well, but when he's one and one he generally stays at the level of general knowledge on the topic with a few well placed zingers. i'm not saying that cramer is a well seasoned debater, but this will all be about his field of expertise. i don't generally agree with cramer and he does have a long history of bad calls that have negatively affected the "cramericans" that follow him, but he is an animal of the market who now is just a horrible talking head puppet on a lousy cable business news network. though, he does know financial markets and can talk passionately about them. the one big plus stewart has going for him is that cramer is a loose canon. it's played up on his show for laughs, but he does have a history of a having very bad temper. bottom line, he's horribly vane, makes more bad calls than goo, and he generally pretty much reacts like a weather vane, vacillating whichever way the markets moves. he's one of the major reasons why cnbc has lost it's way over the past several years. bloomberg is the only way to go for business news these days.

How you just described Cramer is Stewart's point as it relates to financial news in general. We're now hyper aware of the smallest movement and more prone to be swayed by what are really breezes, not gale force winds. It's the dire combination of 24-hr financial news and day trading.

CNBC exists to create excitement in the market (good and bad); it's financial gossip. The Daily Show's first set of clips illustrated that and Cramer took it personally so it's now it's about him. I have a feeling Jon Stewart will point that out to him and (again) make Cramer look like a fool for taking it personally.

Can't wait!

i will just defend cnbc for a moment (really, cable business news in general).while cnbc has taken a seriously wrong turn under mark hoffmann since he took over as president of the channel in 2005, it used to be a fantastic place to turn for unfiltered business news, which in turn was an unfiltered look at the world. instead, when hoffman took over and turned the focus to the conflict in business and in between his anchors he totally tanked it's reliability.

so, we can blame cramer all we want, but he's an entertainer. he's just there for his bells and whistles. in fact, since he's been on day one there's been a disclaimer at the start of his show. if any "cramerican" was gullible enough to follow his advice, it's their own fault. the true fault lies within the programming. the stage was set for the idiots to dance upon. everyone just ate it up.

though, on the other hand, bloomberg financial has become more of the industry leader in financial news coverage with much more objective reporting. i still can value them as a good resource. though, since i've gotten rid of cable television outright (i mean, who really needs all that junk tv anyway), i only really read bloomberg online.

and while i will agree that there are many a day trader that over-reacts to the 24 hour news cycle and dives in with their gut feelings, i wouldn't take away the opportunity for those day traders who approach it with a tad more caution. as i said elsewhere, a lot of the ills can be remedied with re-instating the uptick rule, banning naked shorting outright, and having a stronger presence of sec oversight.

i would no more want to see the financial markets done away with as i would like to see unions squashed. i'm equal opportunity for all that want to fit in underneath the tent of capitalism. just looking for fair rules to be set so all can play with each other fairly.

that said, i'm looking to tonight daily show appearance by cramer. i'll be watching it on-line over tomorrow morning coffee while i'm eying the pre-market information.

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