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Making the Case for Rush

Ramesh Ponnuru tries valiantly to make the case in an op-ed "Why Rush Limbaugh is Good for the Republicans" and basically comes to the conclusion that it's better to feed the monster than to destroy it. (Emphasis added--ed.)

Talk radio is the only medium that conservatives dominate in America. Is it really shrewd for conservatives to begin their political exile by attacking the leading figure in that world? To ask is to answer.

Limbaugh and his conservative critics have more in common than they think. The political import of the last two weeks of Limbaugh-mania is this: The Republicans' decline is now entering a phase in which its members are more emotionally invested in attacking each other than in attacking Obama. As long as that holds true, the White House can safely ignore the opposition, no matter how loud it gets.

So once again, Republicans have to stick with Rush because he, and his listeners, are all they've got. Nevermind the fact that the mere association with Limbaugh (Beck, Hannity, et al.) is alienating to the very people the could be courting today...Rush is Right!

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