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Rushing to Obscurity

I am quite frankly amazed and obviously fascinated by the current state of the GOP and conservatism in America. It was just a matter of months ago that Democrats took a decisive win in the White House and increased majorities in Congress by EXPANDING their appeal and their base and yet we see the Republicans going the opposite direction by racing headlong into the fringe.

The Rush Limbaugh soap opera is the most high profile example, but it goes beyond Rush. Do Republicans want to forever by in the minority by playing to their dwindling base? Despite ham-fisted attempts to reach out to non-traditional demographics (read: black folks), the content of their approach is the same old tired clichés and personal attacks that were rebuked in November. To think that there's even a debate over whether their leader is a talk show host who openly and gleefully refers to our first African American president as a "Magic Negro" says all you probably need to know about the current state of their outreach efforts.


Another Republican takes it in the butt for Limbaugh:

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