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Too Crazy for Words: Bill O'Reilly's Sex Talk

This is just too crazy to fully explain with text. The Village Voice's Alan Scherstuhl edited the "sexiest" parts of Bill O'Reilly's awful novels and posted the best bits online. You simply have to hear this.

"Off With Those Pants": Bill O'Reilly Seduces You in Clips From His Dirty Audiobook

VIA Salon



Now, if only Ron Jeremy had his own politically-charged talk show.

whatever this is, it's not right in the audio clips. i don't know what this is, i've never heard it. ok, but i can't listen to it. there's no context to it. "say baby, put down that pipe and get my pipe up." what does that mean, "get my pipe up."? what is that, a proposition for sex? ok. i can see the humor when it's... i can't do it. we'll do it live. fuck it! don't listen to the clip. do it live! fucking thing sucks!

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