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Watching Steele Vanish

It's become a bit of an online parlor game to predict when RNC chairman Michael Steele will step down to "pursue other interests" or "spend time with family" or "return to the private sector" or whatever excuse he'll give for the untimely end of his career in GOP politics. We don't know when his resignation coming but signs are pointing in that direction.

Take his performance rating from former Bush Communications Director, Nicole Wallace, who likened the GOP right now (under his leadership) to that of the weirdos and flunkies who populate the early episodes of American Idol.

Michael Steel out in 10...9...8...

VIA Talking Points Memo



i honestly have no idea how long it could take, but he will be out. well before they position themselves for the mid-terms elections. the only question is, who?

my guess is they will have to select a strong southern moderate and distance themselves from rush. they can speak about fiscal conservatism, so that they can distance themselves from the spending of the bush years and react to the early stages of obama's stimulus when it's slowly getting off the ground. real impact to the economy will not be felt for a few business cycles and even then it won't be reflected in the markets.
if it's not reflected in the markets, it's hitting everyone in their retirement accounts, so that will be the low hanging fruit that the gop will go after. they will speak to the masses as individuals hit by the abuse of poor fiscal oversight and big government spending. they will emphasize individual achievement and personal rewards versus paying into big government programs.

yeah, that's pretty much the platform now and has been traditionally. though, it'll all be about how it's spun. they will let the fringe far right fall by the wayside and look to win over the middle. after all, if they truly believe that this is a center right nation, they will focus their efforts to win them back over. just as they did with gingrich and his gang in the 90's.

That's the fight right now though, Vit: Newt and his gang Vs. Rush and his. Where do wedge issues come in? Where is the appeal to social conservatives? Filandering Newt isn't really a raging family values warrior and Rush (oddly) didn't even mention social issues at CPAC. The GOP needs to decide if they want to retain those voters or go after a wider base. From the looks of things, they're trying to split the difference, which won't work.

'have our act together'. What? They think this is a show? A party that likens itself to American Idol doesn't exactly sound like leadership material to me.
Besides, all the best actors are liberals...

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