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Conservatives Pine for Failure, Obama Disappoints

Desperate to prove that President Obama might be some combination of liberal, weak, politically correct, a terrorist appeaser, or perhaps even French (or at the very least an internationalist), a host of Right-wing political pundits (a.k.a. clowns) gleefully weighed in late last week on the Obama Administration's certain impending failure to act forcefully to bring the Maersk Alabama pirate attack incident, including the kidnapping of Captain Richard Phillips by the pirates, to a happy ending. As with all things "conservative," Obama rarely fails to disappoint, and this time was no exception. After Obama gave an order allowing Navy sharpshooters to shoot to kill the pirates who were holding Captain Phillips at gunpoint, the Navy sharpshooters did exactly that.

Watch what passes for conservative commentary these days (thanks to Daily Kos):



while i usually disregard most of what comes from fox news as not much more than tantrums from the bully pulpit, newt on this week was a big let down. not that he's been a solid voice coming from the right. though, in this forum he should be able to reasonably debate facts and not twist them to be self-serving. the whole "66 times" comment is a ridiculous exaggeration and i'm glad stephenopolous called him out.

honestly, if the right wants to take the position of commenting on events, they should pick a policy, stick with it, and comment after the events unfold. they've been shown to have egg on their face again and again over the past couple weeks. and this whole tax day tea party is going to be another fiasco as it unfolds. at least it will be something entertaining to watch over the next couple days.

It will be entertaining.

Here's the good news: Newt is the smartest guy in the Republican party. If he sounds like an idiot....

Let's put things into perspective here. We constantly hear Newt Gingrich referred to as "smart" or even "the smartest," which may or may not be true; I haven't seen much evidence one way or the other. But he's never been an honest broker. His twisting of the facts and misrepresenting of the circumstances fueled the Whitewater and Clinton impeachment debacles. There's a reason this douche had to resign his Speaker's chair.

And now this: http://thinkprogress.org/2009/04/20/gingrich-obama-chavez/

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